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This comparison case study presented multiple unique challenges in reworking OU's new business homepage to introduce stronger user experience. Introducing a strong UX foundation allowed for a cleaner look, as well as streamlined and easier functionality for the user, driving user retention. Below are detailed goals and solutions presented throughout the process. I worked closely with the development team and clients to ensure a successful result which included user testing and performance ratings.



The goal was to vastly improve the user desktop experience to collect more student leads primarily. The focus remained on driving user retention through a complete site interface rebrand, reduced page size, and enriched functionality. A cleaner layout with new dropdown navigation plus new options to hide or show information was introduced, giving the user more control. Brand colors were introduced, along with a focus on accessibility in strong contrast and larger type.




OU Degrees Desktop.png


Building mobile-first is key as users now get 80% of their information from their phones, so I ensured that both interface and functionality was polished and tested prior to launching. The previous mobile version left users frustrated with the curriculum list being far too long. I was able to make the information more digestible with filters to display the most important content first.



OU Mobile Degrees Home.png
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